Women-Led Cannabis Brands You Need to Know

“Buy weed from women.” If you’re immersed in cannabis culture, you’ve likely seen the merchandise branded with this message. If you haven’t, buying cannabis from women is a thing! It’s a movement founded on the fact that the cannabis industry — like most — is male-dominated.

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Let’s also not forget that our favorite plant is a female. Her smokey essence is earthy, medicinal, and nurturing, all of which are feminine by nature. Buying cannabis from women, then, is synergetic — and synergy begets synergy. Everyone needs more of that in their lives, especially in 2022.

Money is an energetic currency. If we spend it with intention and care for who it is going to (and supporting), we can change the system from the inside. While that concept extends beyond cannabis, it’s also a strategy that can create more opportunities for women to own businesses and take back some of the male-led market share in the industry.

That’s why we put together this (short) list of women-owned cannabis businesses. There are many more, so use this as a jumping-off point and dive deeper into the magic of women who sell great cannabis. When women rise, we all rise. That’s why we all need to buy more weed from women.

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Miss Grass

The best part about Miss Grass is that you don’t have to be a veteran smoker who puffs big bong clouds of glory to enjoy their products. You can be a newbie and revel in the power and beauty of delicious flower. Plus, Miss Grass has designed its brand around giving people a streamlined cannabis experience that feels “just right.” With a focus on conscious consumption, Miss Grass specializes in a line of minis pre-rolls and half-ounce bags of strain-specific, full-sized buds (their Fast Times-Mango Bliss is our fave!), cultivated and blended to emphasize the nourishing aspects of the plant.

Check out Miss Grass products here.


If you haven’t tried Leune’s pre-rolls, you need to make a weed bucket list and put them at the top. They are convenient and light, but also powerful and hit the spot. LEUNE is a lifestyle brand made for conscious cannabis consumers and offers everything from flower to hash-infused pre-rolls to vaporizers and gummies. Leune’s product line of small-batch flower, individually-packaged pre-rolls, all-in-one vaporizers, and THC gummies represents a focus on purpose-driven plant products that invite seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike. There is truly something for everyone.

Check out LEUNE’s products here

Garden Society

Dedicated to bringing joy to women’s everyday lives, Garden Society was made to make cannabis accessible, elegant, and a luxurious experience. Whether you’re into gummies, chocolates, or mini pre-rolls, Garden Society makes the cannabis experience discreet, sweet, and full of levity. Who does love that? And to honor the variety of experiences that different cultivars can provide, Garden Society selects strains for their products that fall into one of three effect categories: Blissful Rest; Brighter Day; and Calm and Focus. 

Check out Garden Society products here

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Founded in 2015 to help a friend with cancer, Jennifer Chapin and Amanda Jones made Kikoko to connect women with plant-based alternatives to wellness and health while maintaining sustainable practices. Kikoko offers tea, mints, honey shots, tinctures, and Xtabs, giving people a way to medicate that does not involve inhalation through the lungs. These products are ideal for people looking for alternative experiences with cannabis.

Check out Kikoko here

Space Coyote

A lot of businesses out there make their missions too complicated. Space Coyote’s goal is plain, simple, and awesome: create smokable, potent cannabis products with exceptional ingredients. Space Coyote joints package top-quality flower and consumer-favorite concentrates in a convenient, enjoyable smoke. Long gone are the days of ashy pre-rolls and unmemorable highs! Thank Jah! Space Coyote simply makes the joints you want to smoke.

Check out Space Coyote here. 


If you were into pop rocks when you were younger, these are going to be your favorite. Sonder specializes in premium cannabis oil and an exciting line of surprising infused candy. Firm in the belief that you have to start with great cannabis to make great cannabis oil, Sonder sources its cannabis from the terroir of the “coastal Mendocino region; a unique micro-climate that nourishes the plants gently over time with sun, rain & soil in a rhythm that has nurtured the world’s greatest cannabis for generations.” Sonder makes infused pop rocks, called Space Crystals, and an array of clean oil vapes carts. If you want to have a poppin’ night, this is definitely your product.

Check out Sonder here. 

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