These Are the 15 Key Factors that Impact Your Cannabis Experience

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The myth of the lazy stoner is dying a well-deserved death. America is waking up to the fact that cannabis consumers are also productive and valuable members of their communities. They’re parents, friends, neighbors, employers, and employees.

Yet many consumers struggle to get the results they deserve from cannabis.

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Inconsistent and unreliable outcomes

We’ve all heard the story from the friend who ate a pot brownie that knocked them off their feet, got anxious and paranoid, and never touched weed again. 

But it’s not just newbies that struggle. Experienced cannabis enthusiasts understand the difference between that perfect feeling – the mood state they’re after every time – and the frustrating, inconsistent, and unreliable effects they sometimes endure in pursuit of that ideal experience.

What is that ideal experience that consumers seek? According to New Frontier Data’s 2021 Cannabis Consumer Evolution report, consumers cite these reasons for their cannabis use:

  • Relaxation – 67%
  • Stress Relief – 62%
  • Reducing Anxiety – 54%
  • Improving Sleep Quality – 46%
  • Pain Management – 45%
  • Falling Asleep – 44%
  • Enjoying Social Experiences – 34%
  • Increasing Overall Wellness – 34%
  • Treating a Medical Condition – 22%
  • Stimulating Creativity – 21%

These are worthy objectives that support happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

But the results people get are inconsistent. Sometimes products have the opposite of the intended effect. While some consumers use cannabis to treat occasional Anxiety and paranoia, others report Anxiety and paranoia as side effects of their cannabis consumption. While some consumers use cannabis to improve sleep, others report drowsiness as an unintended side effect. While some consumers use cannabis to stimulate appetite, others find themselves overeating with the munchies. While some consumers use cannabis to improve focus or Creativity, others report disorientation and memory issues as side effects.

The modern cannabis consumer deserves better.

Expect more from cannabis

There is good news: You can expect more from your cannabis experience. Achieving your ideal experience every time is attainable and under your control.

These 15 factors can impact your cannabis experience. 

  1. Your goals
  2. The type of product you are using
  3. The specific brand and product/strain
  4. Your method of consumption
  5. Your dose
  6. The time you wait between doses
  7. How hydrated you are
  8. How full you are
  9. Whether you exercise before, during or after cannabis
  10. How much sleep you got last night
  11. The quality of your diet
  12. Whether you ate any companion foods
  13. Your environment/physical surroundings
  14. The people you are with
  15. Your unique endocannabinoid system

These 15 factors fall into four categories:

Your purpose. The first step is to identify the reason you consume (or are interested in consuming) cannabis. Are you looking to relax? Focus on work? Engage in a creative activity? Enjoy a social experience? Sleep better? Recover from exercise?

Your products. The products you choose can profoundly impact your experience. The right product to help you sleep is likely the wrong one to help you enjoy a social situation. The right product to ease your pain is likely the wrong one to stimulate your Creativity. Cannabis is a complex plant, and the formulation of the products you are using matters more than most people realize. Some products are better than others at delivering on their promises.

Your methods. Dosing is critical. Finding the minimum effective dose (for your purpose) is essential in getting the results you deserve and avoiding adverse effects. The time you wait between doses, the ingestion method, and whether your stomach is full or empty also impact your experience. Certain companion foods may enhance or otherwise impact your experience.

Your lifestyle factors. Because of the way cannabis works with your endocannabinoid system to effect hormones, your experience is impacted by sleep, hydration, diet, exercise, setting, and the company you keep.

After deciding on your purpose, you can settle on several ways to modify your product choices, methods, and other factors to achieve your ideal experience more often. Some suggestions:

  • Practice and learn via trial and error
  • Get advice from friends and budtenders
  • See a medical professional
  • Use a written strain journal or consumption journal
  • Use free mobile applications provided by ReleafStrainprint, or Jointly

With data, you can make cannabis perform better for you. When asked to rate their cannabis experience before using Jointly on a scale of 1 to 10, consumers gave 6.3 out of 10. After tracking their consumption to take control of those 15 factors, those same consumers rate their success at 8.5 out of 10.

You + Cannabis > You

By discovering the benefits of purposeful cannabis consumption, you can put yourself on a path to better living, with cannabis.

Cannabis is made better by coupling it with a healthy lifestyle. When you make good, healthy choices throughout your day, you enjoy your cannabis experience even more. It’s a virtuous circle.


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