Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman Pushing For Federal Cannabis Legalization

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When you need to get a message out about weed, you should enlist a couple of cannabis aficionados to help. Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman are just two high-profile celebrities tapped to help drive people to the recently launched Cannabis in Common campaign from the US Cannabis Council and HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project.

This is the largest and most coordinated effort yet by the cannabis industry pushing for legalization to date. The goal is to get Americans to contact their legislators about passing cannabis reform at the federal level, whether by email or phone calls, and that now is the time to really let your voice be heard.

“The Senate is preparing to seriously consider federal legalization for the first time in history,” says the Cannabis in Common website. “It won’t get done unless we get loud. Let’s tell our lawmakers we have cannabis in common.”

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Using that star power

Rogen and Silverman are both featured in videos to help spread the word: That there are currently bills in Congress to legalize cannabis, how convictions have disproportionately hurt people of color across the U.S., and why legalization can help drive jobs and tax revenue for schools and other community investments.

Plus, more than two-thirds of Americans support legalizing cannabis right now, one of the very few things folks in red, blue and purple states agree on. That’s huge, especially in today’s divisive climate. Let weed bring us all together.

Check out Silverman’s video here, and Rogen’s below. And read more about the Cannabis in Common initiatives here.

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