People Bought More Cannabis Than Candy or Costumes This Halloween

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Adult consumers were more interested in using the Halloween weekend for toking rather than trick-or-treating, according to new data from Akerna.

Treats are relative

Over the Oct. 29-31 Halloween weekend, Akerna determined that adult-use cannabis consumers spent an average of $77.17 per person on cannabis products. In comparison, the National Retail Federation reported the average American spent about $30.40 on Halloween candy and $33.59 on costumes this year, totaling $63.99.

The Halloween weekend generated $182.7 million in total adult-use and medical cannabis sales, an 8.2% year-over-year growth, while Oct. 29 was the largest day in sales volume with $81.5 million. It was also the ninth-largest day for cannabis sales this year.

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Why it matters

“Once again, our data shows that when holidays fall on a weekend, dispensaries and retailers will receive the highest numbers of sales and traffic the Friday of that weekend,” said James Ahrendt, business intelligence architect at Akerna. “From the year over year increases in spending to the costume and candy comparison, it’s clear that Americans are choosing to celebrate holidays with cannabis.”

Akerna found that the Halloween weekend cannabis consumer was mostly male (62% versus 38% female) and primarily under 30 years old (28% of consumers) or between 30 and 40 (31%). Their average order total was $118.16 for medicinal cannabis and $77.17 for recreational products, with the bulk of category sales on flowers (48%) and cartridges and pens (32.5%).

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