Elon Musk Posts Weed-Smoking Photo After Getting on Twitter Board

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Tech tycoon and Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk on Thursday shared an old photo from the Joe Rogan podcast depicting him smoking weed, and one showing how his selling a company at the end of the 90s led to Twitter Inc. getting its edit button.


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What happened 

Musk disclosed acquired a 9.2% stake in Twitter earlier this week — 73,486,938 shares with sole voting power for $2.89 million — resulting in the stock jumping 29% higher. This followed him saying that he was giving serious thought to creating an “alternative” to Twitter. The Tesla CEO was appointed to the social media company board a day later.

After news began circulating that Twitter was working on implementing an edit button for tweets after a push by Musk, he started joking about it himself.

In a Thursday tweet, the Tesla CEO posted a meme depicting him as a person pushing a domino by selling his city guide software company in 1999 for $305 million, which then escalates into Twitter finally getting an edit button.

On the same day Musk also posted a meme depicting him smoking a blunt (a cigarette resembling a cigar containing marijuana) during his Joe Rogan interview with the caption “Twitter’s next board meeting is gonna be lit.”

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Musk and weed

This follows him apologizing for publicly smoking weed at the end of 2019, especially since a former Tesla employee said that she has been fired for using marijuana outside the job.

Musk also apologized to his space exploration company SpaceX for the incident and added, “SpaceX personnel may not use or possess any controlled substance while in the workplace, and also may not be under the influence of legal or illegal drugs while at work. Anyone who appears to be inebriated or under the influence while at work is subject to drug testing and potentially other employment actions.”

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