David Crosby on Growing Weed, Launching a Cannabis Brand, and the Best Way to Roll a Joint

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It’s no secret that rock music legend David Crosby loves weed. In fact, he considers himself one of the top three pot smokers in America. After all, he was who the Beatles would call when they came to California way back when.

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“I figure the best known is Willie, then probably Snoop, then me,” he tells the Los Angeles Times in a new video interview.

This is just one reason he says it’s high time he launches his own cannabis brand, the Mighty Croz, with business partner Steven Sponder. He’s already growing his own on his California property outside of Santa Barbara — the true green thumb, he says, is his wife Jan Dance — the strain of which is still a “secret stash.” 

But it’s not enough to simply launch another celebrity-backed brand. Crosby says he and his partners won’t go public with the product until marijuana is legalized at the federal level.

“We thought we’d just jump in and it would all happen. It didn’t happen that way,” 80-year-old Crosby says in the video. “First of all, celebrity brands didn’t turn out to work anywhere near as well as everybody thought they were gonna. When you can make a national deal, until you can, you have to make a separate deal in each state. And that’s crazy! You can’t do 50 different business deals! What we’re waiting for is seeing, and we have seen, a few people who’ve taken the long view. And that’s what we’re looking for. Because I want to be doing this for the rest of my life, it’s easy, it’s fun and I’m suited for it.”

Decriminalization matters

Another part of waiting to launch Mighty Croz stems from time he’s spent in jail. Seeing primarily men of color serving time for marijuana possession, Crosby says it’s unfair that he be allowed to cash in on the growing legal industry.

“I want it legal [on the federal level] because I was in prison with people in there for that much marijuana,” he says. “The numbers are unequivocal and quite plain. Black people get busted more, and it’s not fair. To put anybody, black, whtie, yellow, brown, purple, pink, any color in jail for a handful of flowers is nonsense.”

Rolling the best joints

Among the many things Crosby talks about on social media — politics, pop culture, and music (obviously) — he also critiques joints by some of his fans. 

So no better person to tell you the proper way to roll a joint. It’s pretty simple, he says: Use two sheets of paper if they’re too narrow; keep fingers damp, not wet; keep continuous pressure underneath for a tight roll. Twist the ends. Voila!

Watch the entire LAT video here.

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