Aribnb Now Offering Tours On a California Cannabis Farm

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Cannabis enthusiasts who love to travel must be thrilled for this California marijuana farm joining up with the one and only Airbnb.


That’s right, the popular vacation home rental website has teamed up with Sonoma Hills Farm, including it in its offering, revealed Fox 11.

Is this legal? 

Well, technically it is, because guests are not allowed to access, interact, and/or consume cannabis on the farm, in accordance with federal law. 

So what’s the point then? One might ask.

It turns out guests can enjoy access to hemp while learning all about regenerative farming practices and preparing meals and other hemp products. Sonoma Hills Farm is a craft marijuana farm and organic culinary garden that sits on 60-acres in Sonoma Valley’s Petaluma Gap appellation. Cannabis is cultivated on the farm using a holistic approach to preserve the health of the soil.

Airbnb describes the Sonoma Hills Farm as “an idyllic Northern California farmstead that produces world-class cannabis alongside a spacious culinary garden using regenerative farming practices.” 

Guests over 21 can enjoy a one-night stay at a nearby property owned by Aaron Keefer, the farm’s cannabis cultivator, between April 30 and May 3 at $60 per night.

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Bookings begin on 4/20

“Our goal is to normalize growing hemp and cannabis by demonstrating it’s just like any other plant, with benefits to both humans and the earth. By offering an insider’s look into how we carefully cultivate our products — be they vegetables or cannabis strains — we hope to offer a stay that’s equal parts relaxing and enriching,” Keefer wrote on the farm’s website. “By connecting with the land, guests will leave with a different perspective than when they arrived and will have supported our farm in a meaningful way.”

As for Airbnb, in addition to expanding its offerings, the company is hoping to help promote cannabis tourism across the country. 

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