All-Star NBA Legend Dwayne Wade Jumps Into Cannabis Game

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Former NBA player All-Star Dwyane Wade is the latest famous athlete to join the burgeoning marijuana industry by launching a limited-edition cannabis line with the California cannabis brand Jeeter, reported Forbes.

“If anybody has been following me, you guys have had the opportunity to see this amazing creation from the Jeeter family and myself,” Wade said on Instagram Live. “Going back to my book ‘Dwyane,’ it’s really bringing it to life with our collaboration that we are doing.”

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Mini joints and more

The line offers 3 exclusive strains, attainable in an original book format that resonates with the recent release of Wade’s photographic memoir dubbed simply “Dwayne.” Each preroll pack comes with a copy of the book. 

Mini joints, or Baby Jeeters, come in three strain varieties: 1) Fruit Punch – Sativa with fruity notes; 2) Mojilato – hybrid and 3) Game Over – Indica.

“I’ve got a poem called Game Over, which is right here,” Wade said pointing out to a design within the open fold of the box. “Everyone gets a chance to check that out. That’s one of the names of the flower. The next one that I really, really love, this is one of my favorite flavors, Fruit Punch. So I want this to taste fruity, but also to give you what you need.”

Win an autograph

What’s more, adult customers will have a chance to win and an autographed copy of the cannabis product. “Super excited about this,” Wade said. “One fan out there will have the opportunity to get one of these personally signed by me. So it’s something to keep but also something to enjoy. It’s got the 75 on there too, these are the new signatures, everybody.”

Jeeter founders wrote on their website. “As kids growing up in South Florida following his career—we knew that we had to do something special for him and his team. We hand-picked, along with Dwyane, 3 exclusive strains for his project making it a one-of-a-kind, limited edition variety pack.”

The new cannabis line is already available in California at dispensaries that took part in the partnership, including Stiiizy, Sherbinskis, March and Ash, Cookies, Sun Valley Caregivers, Firehouse, The Green Chamber, Mr. Nice Guy, and more.

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